Projects defence

1) The project competition will take place on September online where all classes were held. The exact date will be announced in addition

2) Each team will have up to 10 minutes (up to 5 minutes to speak and up to 5 minutes to answer the jury's questions) to present their results.

3) A mandatory element of project defense is the existence of a presentation file (pdf, pptx, etc.), which will then be posted on the website. The following information should be provided in this file:
•    name and very short description of the project;
•    team members and mentor;
•    relevance of the project topic;
•    analysis/existence on the market similar competitive projects on the same topic;
•    attained results of the the work (this is the main part of the presentation);
•    social significance or commercial value of the project;
•    future prospects for continuing work on the project after the completion of this School.

4) In addition to the main presentation file, the team has the right to use auxiliary files/tools, etc.

5) In order to save time and avoid technical problems with the presentation of projects,
the team captain must send a project presentation to the School steering
committee by day before.

6) It is desirable for each member of the team to participate in the presentation of the work
results, indicating his clear responsibilities in the team. However, all materials are presented
from the captain’s computer (zoom account).

7) Each mentor must describe his team, paying particular attention to the following:

what part of the project was completed DURING THE SCHOOL PERIOD (indicate the condition of the project before the mentor joined it);
• quality of teamwork;
• psychological atmosphere in the team;
• achievement of the desired goals by the team.

8) If the mentor is not able to be present at the projects defense, he must record his "speech" on video and send the video to the School steering committee.